Africa Peace Support

Services: Africa Peace Support is an international consulting firm with focus on political and security consultancy, specializing in providing client-oriented support and services, including cutting-edge research, analysis, advice/solutions and production of written reports on a broad spectrum of political and security issues affecting Africa and how they impact both the continent and the broader world community. Its methods of work include:

  • Providing research and analysis of African political issues and trends and their impact on regional security and development,
  • Issuing Country reports providing perspectives and insights into the social and political dynamics of individual African nations;
  • Undertaking research and analysis and offering recommendations on conflict prevention, resolution and management measures;
  • Offering support to international and regional organizations, including the United Nations, African Union, Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS), Southern African Development Community (SADC), in peacebuilding; peacekeeping and peacemaking;
  • Organizing workshops and seminars on national security/geopolitical issues; capacity building etc.;
  • Providing comparative analysis of conflict situations.


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